What is the difference between therapy and life coaching?

A lot of people ask me this question! Therapy and Life Coaching share central beliefs in common. Both Therapy and Coaching aim to help people live more fulfilled lives. One is not any better or worse than the other, but they do have some key differences. These are the main differences:

  • ​Therapy asks why an obstacle is hindering you. Life Coaching asks how you can overcome that obstacle.

  • Therapy focuses on introspection of past and present experiences to understand where your distressing symptoms originated from. Life Coaching looks at where you are right now and creating an action plan to help you move forward toward your goals.

  • Therapy focuses on treating symptoms associated with a diagnosis. Life Coaching is free of diagnosis and will never end up on your permanent health record. 

  • Therapy is best done in person. Life Coaching can happen in person, over the phone, or Skype, which means our work together will not be limited by location! 


How do I know if Life Coaching is right for me?

Many mentally healthy people know they would benefit from support, accountability, or another person to bounce ideas off of, but they don't meet the criteria for any mental health diagnoses. If you are a goal oriented person with big dreams and need support in crushing the obstacles in your way, Life Coaching might be for you.

If you do feel highly symptomatic and are dealing with anything from depression to PTSD, let's meet for therapy sessions first so we can get you to a healthy baseline before we start coaching. :)

While in Therapy we can work through trauma, depression, anxiety, etc., in Life Coaching we can work on keeping you motivated in areas including:

  • Clarifying your goals

  • Achieving a work/life balance 

  • Starting a new business 

  • Writing that book you've been meaning to write



Together, we'll focus on the spiritual aspects of Coaching, bringing your personal beliefs into each session to help you conquer your blocks, create a realistic plan, and take those steps to achieving your dreams.

I hope this has helped clear up any confusion about the difference between Therapy and Life Coaching. If you have any additional questions, please contact me.


One of my favorite things about Coaching is that we can work together in completely different parts of the world! Most Coaching sessions are done over the phone or on Skype, unless we are local to each other and are able to meet in person. Contact me today to schedule your FREE consultation session. After your free session, rates for Life Coaching services run  the same as Therapy services and can be found here.

Before your complimentary consultation, I will email you two documents to fill out and email back to me: a spiritual assessment, and a life fulfillment survey! Sending these forms back to me before our consultation will help me have a better idea of who you are and what kinds of goals you might be working toward. 

I can’t wait to see your life unfold and what new and exciting opportunities await you!

These prices are subject to change at any time. If you purchase a package and my price changes during the time we are working together, you will still receive your purchased sessions at the previously mentioned price. 

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