Something happened.



Maybe it was a long time ago. You thought you'd moved past it. But all of a sudden, those memories are starting to bubble to the surface. You might be feeling overwhelmed, alone, depressed, anxious, numb, and oh so exhausted. You remind yourself, "I was a kid then. Now I'm an adult. I can handle this." But you feel yourself breaking inside. 

Does anyone understand?


Maybe it was recent and the wounds are fresh. You find it hard to go about your daily life when this is the only thing on your mind. How could it not be? You might find yourself confused, embarrassed, angry, ashamed, scared. You wonder if life will ever feel "normal" again.

It's time for you to focus on your healing.

Nightmares, flashbacks, excessive fear and worry, and being easily startled does not have to be your new "normal". Many people have found EMDR to be an extremely effective treatment for the reduction of trauma symptoms. When you are given the chance to process the trauma you experienced and recognize what triggers your symptoms, you will be better able to manage the distress you are feeling, helping you to live a more peaceful and fulfilled life.

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